How to Get Youtube API and Check Quotas

4 months ago

< 1 min read

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How to get Youtube API:
Go to:

How to check Youtube API Quota:
Go to:

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Text Widget

< 1 min read

Add Punctuation (…) at the End of Headings

Add this code to add three dots (…) at the end of your ‘Headings’. Replace the three dots between the

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Post Widget

2 min read

How to Make Post Widget’s White Space Clickable (+Popup)

Go to Dashboard > Elementor > Custom Code. And then add this code to make the whole space/box/card of the

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< 1 min read

Blur Effect CSS

Learn how this simple blur effect addition can transform your website’s visual appeal, creating a sleek and modern look that

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Media Carousel

< 1 min read

Media Carousel Random Order

Add this code in HTML widget to randomize the ‘Media Carousel’ order.

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