How to Fix Favicon Not Showing on WordPress Multisite

4 months ago

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In some cases, sub-sites on multisite is not showing the favicon. To assign favicon for each site on WordPress multisite, install this plugin:

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CSS Media Rule Based on Screen Sizes

This is very helpful for limiting custom CSS to certain breakpoints. Usage examples are Scrollbar, Offset Slides and Offset Carousel

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How to Fix Critical Error when Adding a New Site on WordPress Multisite

If you have ‘Delete Duplicate Posts’ plugin, deadactivate it, and then see if that fixes the problem. Otherwise, try to deadactivate all

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Media Carousel

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Media Carousel Random Order

Add this code in HTML widget to randomize the ‘Media Carousel’ order.

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How to Make Play Icon on Image Overlay Smaller (Elementor Video Playlist Widget)

If you activate the image overlay, there is an option to show play icon. And the default play icon for

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