How to Fix Critical Error when Adding a New Site on WordPress Multisite

4 months ago

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If you have ‘Delete Duplicate Posts’ plugin, deadactivate it, and then see if that fixes the problem. Otherwise, try to deadactivate all and check one by one.

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How to Fix Whatsapp Share Line Break Missing (Elementor Share Widget)

A bug found on the share widget (last checked on Elementor Pro version 3.6.4) where there is no line break

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Make Container Scrollable

Add this on the column’s custom CSS panel. Adjust the ‘max-height’ to your needs.

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2 min read

Disabling the Device’s Default ‘Dark Mode’ in WordPress

If you are trying to convert your WordPress website to APK / AAB, you may need to disable the device’s

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4 min read

How to Publish an App with PWA for WP

Note: On PWA for WP, the icon logo and splash screen are swapped. Please test the .apk before publishing. Also,

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