How to Limit Popup Height

8 months ago

< 1 min read

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Use this CSS to limit the height of your popups. It also works on containers.

    max-height: 75vh;
    overflow-x: hidden;
    overflow-y: scroll;

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< 1 min read

Crop Image To Ratio

To crop image based on ratio, on Elementor’s Image Widget add this CSS: 16:9 Landscape CSS 9:16 Portrait CSS

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Text Widget

2 min read

Perfecting WordPress Text Content Formatting

If you want to have slightly better but very satisfying content formatting for those who understand content formatting, use the

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2 min read

Disabling the Device’s Default ‘Dark Mode’ in WordPress

If you are trying to convert your WordPress website to APK / AAB, you may need to disable the device’s

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Media Carousel

< 1 min read

Media Carousel Random Order

Add this code in HTML widget to randomize the ‘Media Carousel’ order.

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